An institution where knowledge is not limited to the books and internet rather flows around walls. The practical oriented modules and friendly environment of the college has helped its students to bag award of Regional High Achiever as well as to top the world in IT. A good example of “think globally act locally” by incorporating input provided by local lecturers in the course curriculum, Softwarica also has an easy access to international job market by using University of Central Lancashire International link.

Softwarica College is a pioneer in introducing British Education in Nepal. Established in 2010, the college has crossed significant milestones in this short span of time. This is evident by the fact that the student number has already crossed 400 and the college is becoming very popular among students who aspire to gain a British Qualification.

Student satisfaction in terms of course delivery and other academic resources is among the highest in Nepal. Softwarica College of IT and technology shares its innovative ideas through their students and their art work. The students of Softwarica have been working on various plans and projects through their college clubs. They have a youth club which works on spreading awareness on different social issues, a sports club which works for sports management and sports awareness and an IT club which works on research, development and charity of IT sectors. The students through their clubs have been doing art work in their campus wall which reveals the entire timeline of the IT evolution – where everything is connected to the human brain. Amrit Thapa, Business Development Manager of Softwarica says, “All the effort is done by the students themselves with a little bit of help from the college and that’s because we believe students overall growth is possible if they are involved first hand in such campaigns.”


The clubs of Softwarica have hosted campaigns like book distribution in rural areas, computer donation at schools, computer related awareness in different villages, etc. However, the art that the students have been creating at the campus wall has become the highlight amongst all their campaigns. Aakash Giri, one of the members of the IT club at Softwarica says, “The painting that we have done shows how humans evolved and ended up creating many technological advances that has been helping the world to work faster and easier, and all those technologies are the result of the human brain. Bottom line is everything comes out of the human brain and all the technology we have is not the end, we can create more.”

The students of Softwarica look forward to moving into the future of technology through the college’s support.