13th Feb 2008, I still remember the date when I left everything behind and set for a new journey to begin. I was journeying into the unknown where everything would be new to me and strange as well. As the journey began, I had all these thoughts filled in my mind on how the destination I was heading to will look like and how well will I be able to cope up in the new place. If I sum up the whole thing, it was like a challenge to me. Though higher studies were the main reason behind my journey, I knew there would be more happenings. My expectations were more and my hopes were high. I knew this wasn’t going to be that easy than what it looked like but I was ready for all those challenges along my path. And here I was in my destination, Australia, beautiful and one of the developed countries in the world with multicultural population of about 20 million.

Since I was here few weeks before my class commenced, I had time to explore the place and get to know the people, the lifestyle and their culture. Initial days were hard as I missed home and I was like a lonely camel in desert. Then days started getting better when I knew more about places and people. Wide spaces, big buildings, busy lifestyle and above all the modernization just got me amazed. This was something worth to see.

It was study time now and more importantly my first day at college. I felt nervous or a little scared on the first day because of all the new things: new teachers, new friends, and maybe even a new college. Luckily, these “new” worries only stuck around for a little while. The college I went to was located in the heart of Sydney though looked nothing like I was mentioned by my agent before I left Nepal. It was called ‘International Institute of Business & Information Technology (IIBIT)’ which is affiliated to University Of Ballarat where I was supposed to do my Diploma in Business Management followed by Bachelors in Commerce. Things were different here. Those beautiful pictures and so called ‘facilities provided’ in the brochures shown to me were limited in the brochures only. Basically my college was a four storied building with cozy classes and a small library, few computer labs and a small canteen with two table tennis boards as sports. However it was convenient to thetrain station and shops around. Most of the students here were from South Asia and only few from Europe and other continents. I was shocked but since I had no other choice but to stick with it, I ignored the negative sides of it. I made few new friends on my first day who today are my close friends, and as usual the day ended up with introductions.

Eventually I found out that the education system here was way different from back home. I prefer calling it a modern way of teaching &and learning practice as we had classes for 2-3 days a week only. No big books to study and no big bags full of reading materials to carry, I liked this part. We were taught only the things that were important rather than being asked to read each and every page of books. All the lectures were placed in the resource drive in the computer and were easily accessible from anywhere in the world. Exams were based on the assignments we did during the lectures and the small class tests that were conducted during the middle of the semester. There were more chances succeeding in the exams if the later were done well. I wished we had the same type of education system back home which would make students life so much easier and advanced.

Now as we all know life is full of struggle overseas. Not every time we can rely upon our parents for all the expenses we make which leaves no choice but doing some part time job and making some money, especially, where the tuition fee is so high for international students. Sleepless nights, long hours at work, getting tired so bad that u miss your stop sleeping in the train are some of the worst situations I have been through which led to missing my lectures, low attendance and bad results in exams.
I sacrificed the home food and relied on fast food, I was able to cope up with the multicultural and bilingual society. I became independent on one side and having no parents by my side to take care of me I learned how to live life on my own. As a whole I learned few little things and experienced a big difference. The journey continues…