Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming, ‘Wow! What a Ride!  ~Hunter S. Thompson

 As vintage as it can get! 

Rohit Shakya, 25 years of age, the frontman of one of the most sought after bands in Nepal “Jindabaad”, is not only a full-time musician, but also loves eating and enjoys playing video games as well. If I had to describe him with his scooter in one word, it would be “Class”. Here’s some excerpts from the interview.

Which scooter to do you currently own?
I currently own an Lml Vespa. I bought it around four years ago. Dates back to the late 80’s I suppose.

Is it an inheritance or did you buy it at second hand rates?
No, it’s not an inheritance. However, my dad also owns a Vespa. I got my Vespa, at a second hand rate with my hard-earned money.

Would you exchange it for another model?
No, I wouldn’t.

How well do you maintain your scooter?
Honestly, I wouldn’t rate myself on a 10 about this aspect. When I bought the bike, I got it reconditioned, repainted, you know, the works. So I guess, once a year, I take care of it.

Since your scooter is a vintage, does it give you any trouble?
A) Initially, when I had just bought it, yes it kept giving me trouble time and again. But after I got all the work done on it, it’s been a smooth-sailing ride for me then on.

Is it a hard task handling your scooter?
No, not really. It’s a pretty light-weight scooter actually. Personally, I think in comparison to many other bikes, it had s better pick-up.

Why did you opt for this particular model?
I had a limited budget, to start off and also, it just felt like the right one for me. After I got it, most of my friends also wanted one.

What do Vintage scooter/bikes hold?
I think, when a Vintage scooter like a Vespa passes by, the on-lookers won’t just give it a mere glance. It is a head turner. The individuality, of the scooter, so to say is what appeals to me most.

Where all have you travelled to on your scooter?
Mine is not a cruising type of a scooter, so I haven’t travelled very far. So, I just use to it ride around town.

Do you have a nickname for your Vespa? Is it a he or a she?
No, no, I don’t have any specific name for it. But, I guess it’s a he.

Do people make fun of your scooter for the sheer reason of it being vintage?
Before I bought it, I thought many people would make fun of it and me. But there has been no such case of mockery. Infact, I have just found admirers.

Safety advice to all the young people out there?
The last person in a jam and then honks is a dimwit. Avoid doing such illogical activities. Also, do not overtake.