There is more to Sanjeet Tuladhar than just being an ace drummer who has shared the stage with the likes of Abhaya and the Steam Injuns, Pralaya andAghor among others. This 26-year old has a passion for vintage items. And it is no surprise here that he rides a vintage Honda CB 200, which is older than him by more than a decade.

How old is your bike and how did you get it?
This is a bike from 1974 AD. It used to be my dad’s ride, and eventually I inherited it. Actually it was lying in our garage for almost 15 years, and then I decided to take it to the roads after lots of maintenance.

Can you provide a more information about your bike?
It is a Honda CB 200. It has a twin engine, self-start but is not modified at all.This is the only one of its kind that I have seen on the roads here.

What are the maintenance problems you face?
As it is a rare piece, you do not get spare parts easily. I have to aborad it from outside most of the time. Also mechanics in most Kathmandu garages are not familiar with this model.

Where do you go on your bike?
I am usually not in town for too long, so I usually ride it while commuting in the Valley. I haven’t tried it for long rides.

How do people react to your vintage possession?
It definitely garners envy, and especially people who have a thing for vintage items are totally in awe. They keep on staring at it, and I also hear most mumbling “if only I could ride it”. It also has an attention-grabbing sound.

What do you like most about the bike?
The fact that it is old has a special appeal for me. I am always fascinated by vintage items, like my dad’s watch that I wear these days. It possesses self-start and disc brake which dates back 38 years, which is not a joke. My bike has a twin engine which is not found even in most of today’s bikes.

Why haven’t you modified it?
Why try to makesomething new which isn’t?I like it the way it is and want to keep it that way. I haven’t changed it except for some necessary maintenance. Its charm is in the fact that it is old so I do not want to even paint it.

Would you exchange it for a new Honda model?
That would be a laugh. I wouldn’t even like to trade the bike’s photos. I have a special attachment with it.

What charms do vintage items hold for you?
Vintage items are important and attractive in their own way. The whole ‘old is gold’ statement is so true. These items are rare; they are not produced any more, so for newer generations it has certain value. Every time I park my bike someplace, people do come and give a thorough look. They see the number plate and definitely ask about the year of production and so on.