Trance the dance people! It takes you to a whole new world. And the new world is amazing!

Electronic beats, color collusions, free movement of body and soul and a general peace of mind. Other genres have started sounding like gibberish now. Everyone knows the taste of it, the rock and metal genres have become more hardcore, complimenting their literal meanings respectively which will always appeal to people of a kind. On the beautiful contrary, the music genre of trance can connect to every individual. It’s a freedom of expression that gives solace to ones’ soul. It takes you to an epiphany of madness.

Trance is how you dissolve yourself in the psychedelic arena you limit yourself in, but as ironic as it may sound the arena has no limits to bind you. It’s all about allowing your body to react to the beats. If you know the ethics of dance, that’s not even going to matter and if you don’t, you wouldn’t believe you had the ability to incorporate yourself to the beats.

That’s the power of trance; it sort of takes you to the highest possible layer of the atmosphere you can imagine. Trance is all about feeling the nimbus of delight. It has the power to unite people and make them speak the same language-the language of love and passion for beats and tunes.

Trance is a fathomless creation. The world can seem tiny compared to the genres and sub genres it has. To give the scene a local context, as the land of beauty, some freedom-loving locals, foreigners, and the love of some hippies since for ever created the existence of a different world somewhere in the heart of Nepal. This world is Universal Religion; a tribal gathering and a peculiar culture in itself which welcomes “beautiful likeminded individuals, music devotees, creative artists and dance lovers from around the world” as stated by the event details. This is where trance enlightens the local grounds from above and beyond. It brings together artists from local and international roots and that are based on different styles of psy trance. The power that ignites the rush in you is unbelievable they say.