I am a human being, the scientific name for which is Homo sapiens, which in Latin translates to ‘wise man’. I also happen to be a twin, one of two offspring born at a time. Since I wanted to know more about what a twin is I also found out that twins are rare and special, occurring in about 2 percent of all pregnancies. Of that number 30 percent are identical and 70 percent are not. Twins are unique so here I conclude that I am special! It is indeed a blessing to be born as a twin, something to be proud of because being a twin is phenomenal, separating us from the rest not including triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets and octuplets, because theirs’ is a different story altogether.

Let me share with you some perks of being a twin; first, you will have a companion for your entire life as being born together makes it more or less obligatory. Your first day in school seems less scary if you have a twin, identical twins can trick people into believing that they are not who they are, house chores can be divided among the two, they can share books and stationeries, they have common friends, fight over trivial matters and not talk, share the same birthdays and throw a mutual party (although one would expect separate gifts), share clothes if your twin is of the same sex (or not) and needless to say just growing up together right from the minute you were born is just a special feeling in its own.

My sister Sayam and I are fraternal twins; I was born 15 minutes ahead of her, making me the older one. This minute thing does play a vital role when one is a twin because it helps to distinguish between the older-younger twins. An older daughter supposedly needs to be more responsible and the younger one is more loved which I think is fabled because that is not the case. My mother used to dress us the same from head to toe, with the same hairstyle and this made us look identical, a pleasant sight for many passersby. Studying in the same school was an added bonus for us and although we were non-identical, there were a few who still got confused as to who was whom. Despite being twins our personalities differ, my sister is more amiable and never holds a grudge against anyone. Her philosophy in life is ‘let it be’ and I really admire her for that. “Having a twin is a blessing in disguise because in my sister I also found a friend. We have an emotional connection with each other which outlasts all our stupid quarrels,” shared Sayam when I asked her to comment on how she felt about being one half of a twin. Constant support and constructive criticism are attributes that we never limit when it comes to the two of us.

One more thing, we are not saints and we fight and have our differences; but that makes the relationship we share more rooted and strong and as the saying goes – “being a twin is double the trouble but twice as blessed”.


Teenz caught up with 3 pairs of terrific twins, each unique and special in their own ways

The Rhyming Twins
Rajan and Sajan Shrestha were born 15 minutes apart and are identical twins who do not look very identical, thanks to Sajan the younger one who is tall and heftier than his older brother Rajan. They went to the same school, same college, studied the same subject, have the same friends, like the same genre of music, wear each other’s clothes and get sick more or less during the same time. Here I was thinking these two could not be more in sync when Sajan added, “I fell down and had to get stitches on my chin, a month later my brother fell down and hurt his chin in the same place!”


The Mirror-image twins
Identical to the last bit, Keshu and Kashu Khadka are mirror images of each other and the only thing that can separate the two is their height because Keshu is an inch taller. This multi talented duo has never been apart from each other having studied together since childhood and now both of them are preparing for MBBS. Keshu, a minute older is the former Miss Teen Nepal and public speaking is one of her hobbies, Kashu tends to be a bit shy but loves playing basketball. They also have a younger brother who thinks it’s a joy to have twins as elder sisters. “Being a twin is such a great feeling and all of our friends get jealous because they do not have a twin of their own,” shares the duo adding, “We feel honored to be each other’s twin, because we are equal in all aspects.”



The Funky Fraternals
Tyrone Bajracharya, a minute younger than Celeste Bajracharya, looks up to his sister when he needs any advice or guidance. “Growing up with a twin brother was a unique experience because we both grew up wanting different things and that was always exciting,” shares Celeste. Tyrone is really protective about his sister and Celeste relies on Tyrone for support when she needs it. The only aspect that Tyrone dislikes about being a twin is being tagged the mischievous one among the two and Celeste finds people asking questions like “When I pinch your brother, do you feel it too?” quite annoying.