“What is the base of computers?" “Abacus”
“Researches in brain science reveal that the left hemisphere of our brain provides analytical information processing and is good at dealing with information concerning language and sounds whereas the right hemisphere provides integral information processing and good at dealing with information concentration shape and space. The function of brain is crossly connected to the use of our hands. Use of right hand is an exercise to left side of the brain and likewise left hand stimulates the right brain. Since the right hand is used more often than left hand thus right brain is not so well developed. To overcome this unequal balance of brain potentialities development, researchers have developed the Abacus Mental Arithmetic Training for the children of 5-13 years using the ancient tool the “Abacus” for balance development of both sides of brain.”

"I am the fastest to complete sums in my class and I get them all correct. I can also memorize quicker than others." Says Nirvik Bista, a 10 year old, 7th level UCMAS student who studies in Ullens.


Been to many demonstrations and a fast learner, Samarth Jha, a 5th level student, says he loves going to UCMAS classes. He can calculate sums of 15-20 rows, double and triple digits combinations.


“I graduated three years earlier and I don’t use calculators for many sums on mathematics and have it done in my brain. It saves time. Also, UCMAS has helped me sharpen.” says 13 year old Anuska, an UCMAS graduate.


UCMAS, Universal Concept Mental Arithmetic System is modern representation of an ancient art of mental maths. Originated from China, this program was developed from "Zhusuan Methodology". And the weapon - abacus.


Today, we live in an era of computers. Our calculations are done by calculators and computers, but UCMAS saves your time and you can get answers within seconds. The processing is done in the brain cells. However, it is for this reason that the Abacus Mental Arithmetic Program becomes more necessary; as it is not only arithmetic skill but also a brain development training program. It is created to enhance their latent mental power at an early age. For the overall intelligence of the cerebrum, both the right and left brain must be trained at the same time. The creativity will be at its greatest only when both sides of the brains are communicating and co-operating with each other. Chodden (a course instructor at UCMAS) says, “UCMAS, has a simple concept but the outcome is really high. It is a boon for the kids. Apart from the brain development and arithmetic skills, the UCMAS children have advantages on being more expressive and confident, the children get to make more friends and their studies are improving. With regular practice, the brain works way faster than calculators.


UCMAS is an ISO 9001-2002 certified multinational company. The company was first established in October 1993 in Malaysia. It is now followed by several developed countries like USA, UK, France, Japan and so on. This organization conducts successful Abacus Mental Arithmetic Education program that helps children (aged 5-13 years) calculate fast and accurately. In Nepal it started its operation in December 2003 with the strength of seven students and currently has 9000 students and 32 centers and franchisees all over Nepal. The head office is situated in Kumaripati, Lalitpur.


There are 10 levels in this programme. Beginning with the basic level, progressing to elementary, intermediate, higher and along with the completion of advanced level, you are a UCMAS graduate. There are exams that qualify the students at the end of each level and it’s only when you can further step into another one. Also, to monitor the progress of students and to gauge their standard and performance on Mental Arithmetic, students are required to participate in an Examination cum Competition every year organized by UCMAS Nepal/Malaysia which is a nationwide competition.


Through the practical teaching, training and proof from research, Abacus Mental Arithmetic has mobilized the learning initiative of children in mathematical concept, and gives free rein to develop their right brain, letting the children react faster, think nimbler and smarter, understand deeper and and remember lessons taught in school. Recognition of causality of objects and creating a concept in brain via “image memory” strengthen and enhances the endurance of memory. UCMAS thus develops human intellect, through improved mind concentration, imagination, memory, capabilities, judgment and application of concepts.


Been the moderator for two years now, Pradeep Ghimire says “The word-digit memory is of short duration while the image based is longer. Most children have math problems and parents too believe that with the good grades in this subject, the overall studies will be great. We, the course instructors and franchisees also have an advantage. I personally have felt that I can remember contact numbers and can memorize for longer duration. It is truly amazing.” He further adds, apart from the books, they use flash cards and game implicated techniques to enhance the course.


“Having an international backup, this training center has a worldwide recognition, the main motive to follow its motto; discover the genius within, UCMAS has proved its words. Arithmetic is extremely important for building up a solid academic foundation for children; we see our graduate children and the students doing extremely well in their studies and careers. This training has consistently strived to upgrade the mental ability of the ones associated. The key is regular practice, it has helped to create a generation of large scale employment opportunities and revolutionize the field of child education. We are proud of it.” Soon to launch the sister branches of the UCMAS family, the executive director, Kailash Kunwar Chhetri shares his words.


For more contact, 5554400 UCMAS office, Kumaripati, on the way to United Academy.