Everybody nowadays wants to blog. But sometimes, we have no idea how to go about it. For those of us, who don’t know how to even start a blog and keep it updated on regular basis, then you just have to follow few steps.


Know what and how you’re want to blog about: All of our interests are different. Gone are the days when blogging meant only written ones. Today, you can have photograph blogs, video-blogs, post-blogs, and even comic blogs. So decide how you’re going to blog. Then decide what you want to blog about. It could be day-to-day-life, rant, love, dreams, people you come across every day, quotes and so on. Also, because a same topic might bore the readers, create a loophole. You can have multiple similar types of topic overlapping each other.


Choose a platform: A platform all depends on what kind of blog you’re going to have and there are multiple choices to choose from. Google about it. And check out few already there, your type of blogs and see what platform works for you the best.


Choose a blog domain and name: Choosing a blog domain and name is very hard to do. Since most of the names you have thought about is pretty much already taken. But there are some things you better think about at first. Your blog domain and blog name should be short and simple. Try to use various forms of word use like alliteration, and rhyming.


Personalize the blog: After choosing the platform and the domain name, the next thing you do is not post but personalize your blog. This includes themes. Themes should complement your blog. Various platform provides various themes – some artistic, some preppy, some crazy and some simple. Go with what you want for now because afterwards, you can always change later. Also, you can use widgets like blogroll, stats, search box, calendar etc.


P&P: Finally make your first blog post. And publicize. It’s very much important to publicize your blog in social media sites. Not only they bring traffic, but a follower might bump into your blog by accident. Link your blog to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and every social media sites you’re in. Share! And ask people for comments. Most of the time, having a blog not only broadens your readers/viewers but also help you improve.


Stalk: And finally read other blogs. Who shares similar interests with you. Or who doesn’t . No matter what, not only you will get inspiration to blog more, you will also improve your horizon on topics and medium.

Follow the above lists and you’re good to go. You don’t have to follow a pattern about when to blog, but more regular you do, more inspiration you get. Always keep your eye and mind open for a topic, issue, subject, medium and platform to blog about. In this way, not only you’re expressing yourself more creatively, you’re helping yourself to grow into a better person.

So happy blogging folks.