Kathmandu, like any other country in the world, is no stranger to perverts and public offenders. How many uncountable numbers of encounters have we had with gropers and cheap teases? Making kissing noises as the girl approaches, trying to sneak a feel and the most practiced- shoving their icky body onto ours while in a jampacked micro bus. And the micros don’t make it any easy with their annoying habit of literally cramming passengers into the vehicle. We’re sure every woman reading this article would have their own story to tell and we know they would agree when we say,” This has got to stop!” I mean, how much longer should we have to take this? For once I would like to travel with people who don’t constantly have to resort to such disgusting behavior. For once I would like a day where I go to work, come home and no one makes a gross pass at me. That would be the day! So since they aren’t going to learn on their own, we’re going to teach them a lesson. We’re going to make it absolutely obvious to them that women can hold their own, and if any person tries that on us again, we shall be ready because we now have the perfect “pervert proof” plan.


When a man tries to feel you up or even lay a tiny little finger on you, all you have to do is gasp really loudly and say,“Chhya! Laaj lagdaina tapailai esto garna!” and make sure everybody hears you. The pervert is most likely to shy away.