And of course the one thing that one most certainly does during their youth is “Go Out On A Date”. In a society that is ours, however, two young people dating is still considered to be a taboo, especially in most traditional families. But is any of that going to stop the co-ed- school- going, How-I-met-your-mother-watching, facebook-browsing X generation, hip Nepali youngsters of today? Mmm.. yeah, not really.

And it’s only natural. The process of finding a suitable mate when at a prime of one’s youth is an innate human feature and has been prevalent for centuries now- only the modern term given to it is now popularly known as DATING.

So why resist a natural human trait right? In fact, the parents of today should smart up and start getting on the same page with today’s youths and participate as a sound and un-nosy monitor of their dating-ready-teenage kids. More on that in later issues, for now we give you some key dating etiquettes.

You see, the rules are simple. You go out on a date to have a good time, to get to know the other person better and cruise for possibilities of a long standing friendship or a relationship with the person.

If you happen to like the person, its only inevitable that you will be in your best behavior and even if the other person wasn’t the sort of a person you see yourself dating for a long time, at least make it a point to be nice to him/her. Being rude to your date is the worst thing to do but chances are that sometimes you might be coming off as impolite, unknowingly too.

In that case, check out the dating etiquettes stated below and make sure you and your date are having a nice time together.

 The rules are basically the same for teens, the middle aged and seniors, first date or last date, girls or guys.

 Primary rule – girls and guys, treat your date with dignity and respect; this applies to online dating as well.

 No swearing. No drunkenness.
 Act like a lady or gentleman. 

Before the date

 Ask a few days in advance of the proposed date.
 If the person cannot or will not be available for a date even at the second request – they are not interested. Don’t push the issue. Move on.

On the date

 Be on time. It shows respect for your date’s time. If you are running late ring/text, inform.
 Dress appropriately for the occasion. Clean hair, nails, clothes. Lightly perfumed. It’s a fact that people who smell good make a hit of a date.

 Guys – open, hold and close doors for your date (even if she is driving)- it shows that you are prepared to go out of your way to be courteous to her. Girls however, let him do all of that, but don’t expect it.

 Look for it. Hair, clothes, smile, personality, sense of humor. If you can’t find something to compliment, why are you even dating this person?

 It’s standard etiquette that guys pay for the first date. But girls, be considerate - offer to pay half or to buy the drinks or something to show that you are not a freeloader.

 Do not abandon your date at the venue or for that matter stand up him/her. Remember that being rude is one of the qualities of an insecure loser. You don’t want to be one.
 Remember the magic words. Say – please, thank you, after you, you’re welcome.
 Make frequent eye contact (do not leer). Be attentive to your date.

 Use their name – frequently. To them it is the sweetest word in any language.
 Get to know each other better. Enquire casually about their likes and dislikes; values and expectations; interests, dreams and aspirations.

 Avoid bragging and talking too much about anything, especially yourself.
 Keep the conversation light and try to have fun together
 Use humour, but don’t overdo it
 Don’t lie to your date
 Do not force intimacy.

 Avoid sharing confidences. It puts your date in an awkward position.
 Guys, see her to her door (even if it’s a taxi’s door) after the date. It’s for her safety. If your date ended at night time be courteous enough to call her to know if she safely reached home.

 A friendly hug in greeting or to say good-bye is okay or perhaps a kiss on the cheek is fine too, but make sure the other person is comfortable with it.

 If you promise to ring or contact your date again, you must do it – within a reasonable time frame or do not make the offer at all.

 It’s okay to date others until you have clearly come to an understanding or are going steady.