Here are the rules for the young bike riders from Bigyan Raj Sharma, the head of the Traffic Police Department. It is his 11 major requests to all the teenage riders of today.

1 Do not ever modify your bike because chances are that you might make it look better but the balance between the parts will get affected- a major cause of accidents.

2 On a Zebra Crossing, do not forget to realize that the people crossing the road have the first priority to do so and you must accordingly slow down your vehicle.

3 If any traffic police asks you for money, never give it to them. If they insist, always ask for a valid reason and a receipt.

4 Do not answer your cell phone while riding. Try avoiding all types of conversations while riding.

5 If any police personnel asks you for a document, do not hesitate to give it to them. Do not attempt to run away, as this could create a bigger issue

6 If you hit someone while riding, although accidentally, the best thing to do is to surrender and help the victim. Do not in any case leave the site of accident as this could play against your benefit.

7 Every bike should have a knee/leg guard. This relatively decreases the chances of a serious leg or a knee injury during times of
uncalled accidents.

8 Park in a safe, authorized parking place. Even though it costs a few bucks, it will be worth it and is the right thing to do. Importantly, because this lessens the traffic congestion.

9 Do not drink and ride. Our police personnel have breathalyzers that can correctly identify if you are drunk.

10 Misbehaving with the police personnel can result to suspension of your license and imprisonment in major cases.

11 But in case, if  the traffic police is misbehaving with you or if you have any traffic related problems you may call 9851068124 or 103 and your complaints will be heard!