As a child, all holds and bars were broken loose to enter the entertaining world of TV shows with had animated characters out of this world.

With the passing of time many would rather look back but not live the glorious days of the past. However there are some who would unashamedly relive the childhood love.


Jason!” the name my aunt calls me by with love was exclaimed this time with a bit of disgust and a whole lot of astonishment. No, I wasn’t into any mischievous act or rolling up some tricks up from my sleeve. I, a 23 year old male was watching an animated TV series, for most adults, almost all, this indeed sounds a bit too childish but for me and a handful of selected adults like me, watching cartoons does not define immaturity. The colorful and happy graphics, visually enriching with merrily tuned melodies explored everywhere within the seemingly off standards shows has a lot of stories and lessons for offering. No, by lessons and stories, I don’t mean to preach about the morals of life here. However, I believe I hold a strong responsibility of defending everyone of my kind; old but still living in a highly superficial world of magic, powers and dreams.

As far as my memory serves, the first animated character I ever remember watching is Donald Duck, his blurry accent, white and fluffy body and the blue jacket he wore is hindering in my mind while I drive my mind back to the past trying to recollect other wonderful memories of the particular show. Besides the duck, the most known duck in the whole wide world, I remember my dad (who most probably was in his late 20s) sliding in a tape inside the old VCR player that we had at home. Hence it would be absolutely safe to say, I got introduced to the joyous world of anime by a person who I’ll always look up to, my dad – an adult. Like me every one else most probably stepped into the addiction of cartoons with much or little help from an elderly member of their family.

Personally speaking, I fancy Yellow Submarine the most – an animated movie that’s less heard of, made in the 60s. For an age group that’s hugged modernization with tight force, the era is too far away to travel back to. Those who know the movie indeed has the reminiscence of the musical integrity The Beatles displayed and how each song that were included in movie got a visual perceptive from the time forth.  It is easier to sketch the band playing songs and fighting against evil force and traveling the depths of a very animated sea with dreamy thoughts at any point of the day. Then there’s Tom and Jerry, the epic tale of a cat-mouse duo which I need not talk much about that’s been bringing smiles on the faces of many.

Cartoons, animated humorously with body structure and color that probably lives out of this world in another dimension definitely holds an immense amount of creativity despite the simple story line. One could never realize the amount of time that passes, minutes into an hour and hour into multiple hours, when seated to in front of the TV.


The inspiring factor that the animated characters hold has been leading people as well as the society towards the path of creativity. Let’s take an example of the daily humor we get from most of the dailies that everyone goes through. A one liner with sketches – a form of animation, can tell you the whole story in an instant, saving time and yes, there’s a cloud showering fountains of entertainment too. The innocent characters never seem to harass any person with sane state of mind unless they hold a serious grudge against animated toons; they truly seem harmless.

Whatever the reasons maybe, there’s no need of making age divisions for entertainment and the way you opt to get entertained. People, men or women who might feel immature tuning in to an animated series ought not to forget how each of them boasted about the shows and the characters they were truly, madly and deeply in love with. No matter how old some people get, no matter what profession they take up and how strong they seem, the height of dramatic entertainment you get every time you throw yourself on a couch to turn on the TV to watch a cartoon show can’t be expressed in words and indeed, is a very reliable source when it comes to good sense of humor. Cartoons which are meant to serve you with joys and profoundest smiles can also bring the inner child in you that stay concealed most of the time deep within you. Be taken back to the memory lane, pamper yourself to handful mischievous acts from the past and yes, relive the fond memories of the past in the present.