THIRD prize Winner of TeenZ Short Story Contest

It was a windy spring afternoon. Sebastian, a tall, blond-haired teenager was driving his 80-year-old grandfather, Travis, on his wheelchair. They were on their way to the cemetery.
“Stop here, Seb. We need to buy some flowers. ”said Travis.

“I can get them for you, which one do you want?” asked Sebastian.
“Some Yellow Orchids would do the job.”
“Alright” murmured Sebastian.
Sebastian went to the florist & returns with a bouquet of yellow orchids and handed it over to his grandfather.
They finally reached the cemetery & went towards a white tombstone in which “Sarah Winwood (1929-1962)” was inscribed.

“Can you help me with this, Seb?” Travis asked as he held out the bouquet to Sebastian.

Sebastian took the orchids and laid it gently at the foot of the tombstone. After a short prayer, Sebastian took Travis to the nearby bench and sat there.
“Can I ask you a question Gran’?”
“Go ahead”

“Why have you always favored yellow orchids for Granma’s grave?”
Travis put up a smile on his old wrinkled face.

“I was wondering if you’d ask me that question. Well…. It’s a long story. I’m wondering where to begin. It was probably the year 1936 or 1937, a girl named Diana Brown, used to adore me a lot (Sebastian smiles). But I used to find her very annoying. One day, to my nightmare, she asked me to come and meet her privately in the park. I was going to reject the invitation immediately but my mother advised me not to be so rude and gave an idea to send some beautiful flowers like yellow orchids with a sorry note to it.

So I went to the park the other day. I had the bouquet of yellow orchids and a sorry note in my hands. As soon as I saw Diana, I hid behind a bush. She sat on a bench and started looking here and there. I called a little boy who was playing in front of me. I gave him the flowers and directed him to give it to the young lady sitting alone on the bench. So, the boy took the flowers and went towards Diana. As I saw him go, I noticed the sorry note fall.

Immediately, I screamed “No!” The Boy stopped and I was relieved but to my surprise he turned to another direction where another lady was sitting alone and reading a book.

He handed the orchids to her and started pointing at the bush where I was hiding. I closed my eyes and prayed God to save me (Sebastian laughs). When I opened my eyes, the lady was in front of me with the orchids in her hands “Err- Hello” she said “How did you know yellow orchids were my favorite?” Then she gave me a smile. It wasn’t a smile. It was heaven for me. I had never seen a thing as majestic as that smile. It literally melted my heart.” And you know it was your grandma.

Tears started rolling out of Travis’ eyes. It was too much for Sebastian as well. He couldn’t control his emotions. He then hugged his grandfather.
“It’s a pity you didn’t get to see her Seb.” Travis said
“I don’t care. You’ll always be more than enough for me”