When most Nepalis go to a foreign land for their further studies, they end up doing menial work and even after the completion of the studies, they are either employed at a Super Market or committed to house cleaning jobs. But here we present to you five young Nepali guys who deviated from the obvious work graph and started their own business.
These five have two businesses running simultaneously 1. HS Creations (printing) and 2. hamrosydney.com.au (event management, online ticket and online marketing). HS Creations has been in the market for a while; whereas hamrosydney.com.au is a recent addition.

What is the age range of the members? 23-26

How did you collect the capital to start a business?
We are five partners and we have made certain investment in the business.

Does each have equal share in the business? How is the profit divided?
No, everyone has share according to his pocket. The profit is divided as dividend at the end of the financial year and some part of profit is re-invested in various ways. It’s a Pty. Ltd and is a partnership business.


Is each given the responsibility of a specific department- meaning one into Promotion, one into Quality Controlling, one into PR? Or does everyone do everything?
Yes, everyone has their own responsibilities.
Managing Director: Santosh Bhandari
Production Manager: Shikhar Poudyal Business Development Manager: Ankit Singh Parmar and Rajan Dangol
Finance and Accounts Manager: Jay Soni

Have you hired a place for office? Where do you work from?
We have hired a commercial property for the office. And we live here too in the back of the space.

What has HS Creations done so far?
We have been in the printing business for 1.5 years. We have been able to penetrate the Nepali Community as about 80% of printing needs for Nepali business is carried out by us. Web design and graphic design are some other services we provide (www.hscreations.com.au). We have been part of MTNA (Mr & Miss Teen Nepal Australia) and been helping with other Nepali events organized in Sydney by being media partners or by supplying them promotional materials. We do all kinds of printing from business cards, flyers, booklets, menus, invoice books, posters, pull-up banners, personalized gift items, web design, and networking.


What was/is its objective?
Initially, we realized a niche market within the Nepali community as the Nepali businesses were growing and the need for printing and design was increasing. So our objective was to capture the niche market which had not been penetrated before. But as every business needs to grow we are focusing on stepping outside the Nepali community and increasing our coverage.

How difficult or easy is it to start your business in a foreign country?
It’s the same as starting any business anywhere, be it in Nepal or Australia. It’s just we had to learn about the new system and tricks. And also we have a communications barrier (specially Aussie humour which most of us still dont find funny) and we need to be within the boundary of different laws and policies which we were not familiar with. But as Nepalese are known to be hard worker our work has been appreciated by most of the clients including locals.

What are the processes you had to undergo to register the business?
We needed Australian Business Number (ABN) and we also had to register in Fair Trading.

Are all the members studying/ doing part-time at some other organizations or are they full-time employees at Hamro Sydney?
Full-time : Shikhar Poudyal, Ankit Singh Parmar
Part-time: Santosh Bhandari, Rajan Dangol and Jay Soni (as they are studying too and working in other organisations too)

What are you doing to promote your business?
Word-of-Mouth has been the major marketing tool till now. But now we increasing our marketing activities and online marketing is one of the medium we have been heavily linked. But we are also planning to be engaged in Direct Marketing (via telephone and face-to-face).