Rajesh Hamal, the Nepali film industry sensation who’s captured Nepali moviegoer’s attentions for the last 20 years, is a true gentleman. You’d be surprised with the stories he has to tell. Here we get the inside scoop on his teenage days.


What kind of teenager were you?
I was the kind of care-free always up for fun, living on my own terms rebellious kind of kid. I always followed my head and my heart.


In what ways are you still similar to the teenager version of you?
Looking back, I think I am a totally different person. But one trait I still posses is that I still live on my own terms.


During those days, where did you hang out the most?
My dad was a diplomat and due to his job we had to travel often. I lived in Delhi and Moscow for sometime. However, while in Nepal, you could find me either where I had to be or in Thamel. Thamel was very different from what it is now. You could barely spot Nepalese there and I would be among the few. I always enjoyed interacting with foreigners, and getting to know more about their countries.


How were you as a student?
I was not the kind who regularly followed up with what was taught during class but I always ended up doing well in exams. So, not bad I’d say!


How and when did acting come along?
Actually somewhere inside I always wanted to act. More than acting, I was fascinated by films. I wanted to something in the field, but I did not know how to begin. Luckily, my cousin was a part of the film industry and he offered me a role. That was in 1990, and at that time. I did not know I would be doing films for the next 20 years.

One memorable incident you still remember
I was among the mischievous clan who used to have this love and hate relation with his teacher. Once, in Moscow, I was upset with the girls in my class, and during recess while they were having lunch, I poured leftover milk on them. It was a big issue and I was handed a suspension - for a whole week – letter, from the Principal.


Did you have a crush on someone?
That happened when I was in the 5thgrade. It might sound a little cliché, but yes I had a crush on my teacher. In fact, I still remember the smell of her perfume.


What did you get into trouble for most?
As I recall now, most of my days were spent trying to dodge my dad as he highly resented my long hair and I treasured it greatly. We used to have heated discussions about it, and the way I dressed up.

Any advice to teenagers today?
You should know yourself well, know what you actually want and once you know it, you should go for it, and give a chance to your passion, to yourself. Don’t be driven by what others expect from you. No matter what, you need to have a solid foundation of education. After that, you can follow your heart, and your mind.