What is this Facebook Timeline?
It is just a way to make your life busier. Not with productive work but with Facebook!
I got the Timeline almost 2 weeks back and I am literally addicted to it! It is fun and for a Stalker like me, its cherry on top of the cake as I get to see all that people did since they were born (which is so funny and lame!), all the places they have been to, liked pages and what not? It is basically a travel back in time.

It does get weird to actually read your own status from 2008 and see how much you have grown as an individual! While some people love it, I just read a friend's status that said, "Oh dear god please never turn my profile into the Timeline thing that my friends love at the moment.”

With so many changes that facebook goes through once in a while, it gets difficult for people to adapt but it’s fun too! Change is always good for the breaking of the monotony!
For the ones using it already, it should be fun!
Enjoy timeline! =]


From the Users:

Mandeep Singh Basnet: Student, America
Facebook is notorious for surprise changes and I have had a lot of trouble dealing with the previous changes but unlike those times I absolutely love facebook timeline. From the layout to the cover picture there is nothing I would complain about!


Nitin Manchanda: Student, India
I dislike Facebook timeline because it’s very confusing and I don't quite like the idea of following someone's personal history or having my history followed.

Sonam Diwan: Student, Norway
Timeline can be troublesome when it comes to using it on the phone. The 3G internet connection I have also takes more than a minute to load! So maybe there should be a Facebook version for the same!

Ayush Bajracharya: Photographer, Kathmandu
Best part of timeline you can jump to any date you want and find what had happened on particular day if you are a regular user like me in facebook.


Rizma Shrestha: Student, Kathmandu
Timeline looks more like MySpace and that clearly failed due to its "fancy" features and complications. We don’t want Facebook to make it easier to stalk people, we want Facebook to help us connect.



Kanwar Singh: Student, Bangladesh
The timeline is cool enough but I would have liked it better if the Cover photos were just limited to friends. It looks great when it comes to the layout part but knowing that anyone can look at the pictures gets creepy!