It is true that everyone dances. Be it a kid or an old man walking on a stick, music puts everyone to groove. Be it a stage performance, in the club, at a family gathering, or in an enclosed room without any audience: when you dance, you love it. It is strange how moving your hands and legs or swaying your hips can make you feel better any day. I mean, you’re moving your body parts every second of the day, but when you do that to music, it is different. It is magical. It is like you’re releasing all your emotions through these movements. Dance is not just another technical form of talent; it is a way of expressing yourself. Sure, you can learn dance steps and forms from the experts, but everyone is born with a few of their own personal moves and signature steps.


Dance has come a long way through the decades and the centuries. We’ve seen carvings and statues of people dancing from the trivial times, and in the current day, dance is not just one thing, but has been divided into various forms and styles. While, the only time people used to dance used to be at parties and the only style they knew used to be “a little bit of this and a little bit of that”, with different dance reality shows like Dance India Dance, So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing With The Stars, Got To Dance and more, our knowledge of different dance forms seems to have broadened. Compared to what we knew in our earlier days, dance has grown to the extents of representing cultures, nations, and mostly, what is contained within the hearts.


As has been said before, dance helps people express their emotions, their personality. So, if you’re thinking you want to learn a new dance form, we are here to guide you in choosing a style that helps you represent who you are. And for people with two left foot, don’t be shy, there’s nothing wrong in making an effort to make both of those foot work. And of course, you can always impress the ladies with nice moves and it’s the same with men. So, these are a few international forms of dance that you might want to try.


Ballet: If you are filled with poise, elegance and flexibility, and that’s how you want to represent yourself, Ballet is your thing.


B-Boying: B-boying requires a lot of strength to sport various stunts and a lot of footwork. So, if you can do those headstands, have good arm strength and think you can figure out how to execute that tricky footwork, you have fair chances of becoming a B-Boyer.


Belly dancing: With its roots found in the Arabian Origin, belly dancing is a very sensual dance style and if you think you can pull off those sexy hip movements, you should definitely give it a shot.


Break dance: If MJ has been your idol and you think you can lock and pop, try break dancing.


Contemporary: If you’re more inclined towards the emotional side, and put too much thought to things, take the energy and put it in something creative and entertaining. Learn the Contemporary form.


Hip-Hop: If you’re more like a ghetto personality, from the streets, and think you can show off that attitude while you dance, you’re a hip-hop person.


Salsa: And if you’re looking for a romantic dance form which you can learn and show off to your significant other, salsa will give you just the right amount of romance and some quality time to spend with your spouse without being awkward, not knowing what to say. Let your body do the talking.


Well, these were some international dance forms that you can try. The different places in Kathmandu where you can learn these dance forms are Kathmandu Ballet School, Sadhana Institute, Steps Dance Institute, NBF GAA Hall, Salsa Dance Academy and Arjun Dance Studio. But let us not forget our own culture. There are a lot of Nepali dance forms like Classical, Jhyaure, Maruni, Dhaan nach, Tamag Selo and many more that can be learned. So, while we learn new styles from the west, let us also keep alive the forms that have been originated from the exact place where we have been. Just remember, keep dancing, the joy of life lies in it!