As I walk through the streets of Kathmandu I see faces, so different but yet so similar in expression, expressions that I can count in my fingers and as I merge in the crowd, I become one of them. Hundreds of eyes judge me every day and I do the same. Personally, it is funny how some aliens attract my attention with their variances and somehow make me think about their presence. These thoughts that last a mere five seconds are heartfelt. I act like a referee in a mean game, mentally handing out my yellow and sometimes red cards. I know the others do the same. We are humans after all.


Normally, people tend to scrutinize others and pass on gentle or awful comments depending on their frame of mind. That is rather natural but there are a few who just go over the top. They evaluate, score, criticize, express and publish; in fact they act abnormal. Their actions can speak louder than words because the horrible facial expressions that they deliver can scare the ordinary. One eye brow lift provided the forehead contracts equates to one glare that says- all is over, that look can doom your precious five minutes of self esteem. Trust me. I wouldn’t mind all that, coming from a normal individual because then, I would analyze the situation and consider it to be a natural phenomenon like I said earlier but if the actor in such play looks somewhat affluent, it gets depressing. Worst of all it isn’t the underprivileged eyeing everyone all day long, the case is pretty contradictory and somewhat entertaining.



Picture this:  if a girl adorned in Chanel walks out of her splendid car looking more or less like Gaga right out of MTV, you know what I mean, and strolls around Kingsway in her six inch stilettos, the nearly terrified citizens of our homeland are going to be the street vendors looking at her and maybe drooling over a part of her extraterrestrial belongings but the ones who really ogle in clear envy are going to be the people in their Chevrolet, green-eyed and full of contempt.


Throughout centuries, it has been obvious that the rich want to get richer by the day. As for the deprived, all they have ever done is wished. They have been dragged, beaten, challenged and because humanity rose somewhere in history their situation is better but still very difficult. Their lives have witnessed changes, good and bad. On the contrary, the rich are glued to the same old beliefs. They still compare and live on stuck up ideas; at least a large proportion of them do. Talking about thoughts, I think the clock of intellect in the lesser society kept moving whereas for the well-off, it kind of has been midnight for a long time.


However, I do not want to accuse the entire opulent race just because a few haughty undeserving candidates have turned out to be egocentric creatures displaying idiocy. That is why the haves, as I may address them, are of two types. They are either self made or inherited. The ones who have worked their way through all the difficulties in life and have managed to stand above the crowd deserve a round of applause. These people can talk because they know and their opinions are worth a count but the later ones, yes; the spendthrifts who enjoy bitter discussions with their similar kinds are the nastiest. They are the Gucci’s gossiping about Louis Vuitton’s.  Now that is sad.

In reality, people who want to be respected for looking down on others, stun me. The arrogance, it is so big that it is hard for them to smile back at a stranger. Being polite does not suit their personality, what dull notion is that? The whole act of sophistication, doesn’t it get boring? Why not be nice just for the sake of it. It feels good to be kind and act like Homo sapiens, once in a while. Why play Barbie everyday and walk in those uncomfortable shoes all day long, especially if you’re headed to Durbar Marg, so irrelevant. On second thoughts, I’m fine with the shoes unless it does not hurt your leg or imply some kind of uplift in snobbery but seriously converse is so much better, again that is my point of view. All I mean is attitude is something that you can carry off without fake accessories and I mean the good attitude. Let us not hurt people on our way to looking pleasant eh?


Wrapping it up, ego, at a certain amount is good for one’s health because then it appears only when it needs to. Some weirdoes are oozing out this excellence at a massive rate which could lead to serious destruction of their civilized self. I mean quit giving looks to people who know you are better off. Live and let live.