Whatever we do, wherever we are, musicis a big part of our lives. Some form of music is always with us: in the chirping of the birds,from the speakers blasting from the house next door, and also on the radio as clips and jingles and songs – music truly surrounds us. In a sense, music is language that can be understood by everyone, though maybe not always in the same sense. Studies have shown that even plants exposed to classical music fare better than those that grow in the wild. Music iswhatbrings about feelings and emotions, and can convey powerful messages at the same time. It essentially brings us together in many ways. Let’s face it: we are also part of the universal music.

Certainly, music is used to understand and express towards one another. As Oscar Wilde put it,“Music is the art which is most nigh to tears and memories”. And it becomes a collective experience, as we share memories with music; we express to one another through music; and we have fond memories attached to specific songs. Also, as every type of music goes, we could say listening to and enjoying music is much more fun when you have someone who would enjoy it with you.

A group of close-knit friends may well consist of people with varying music tastes:one could be a huge R&B fan, while another could be a follower of all the up-and-coming teen sensations;one could prefer punk rock, while the other would rather listen to classic rock. However, no matter what the small differences, we could agree from experience that people in the same group do not scatter too far away from a general music type. It is the inner essence of music that binds people, bringing them together for those moments that cannot be expressed without the existence of music.

And sharing music has always been the key.There was a time (a few short years ago) when friends used to exchange music on personally custom recorded cassette tapeswith their favorite songs. A lover used to give the other CDs burned on their computerto be played on their Diskman or stereo. Nowadays, there is the simple “Like” and “Share” button, and the Internet has made sharing a world-wide phenomenon. Now you can find out if a person in another corner of the world likes the same music as you do.And that is a fantastic experience to have.

Sowhenever you are pondering if the musicyou like is just in you, just share it. Surely other people have the same appreciation, and finding out it is so suddenly turns the experience into a universal connection across oceans. Find out how they relate to the same song in a different way. Find out their fondest memories of their childhood songs. Share. Explore more music. Just how a rhythmic combination of strings, percussions, horns and vocals combine to give us a profound experience is a topic of a much larger discussion.

In all, music is a power to be embraced, and best done so with others. Even the first Sony Walkman player design had holes for two earphone jacks. And we would look so silly jumping to the beats all alone.