Being a teenager is not an easy task. A teenager is someone who is going through sorrows and joys at the same time. TEENZ asks the teenagers working in ECS Media what the best and worst thing about being a teenager is to know more about how teenagers think and feel.


1. Prajesh
Best: Girls
Worst: Teenage Angst

2. Bonita
Best: High School & Friends
Worst: People underestimating me

3. Pooja
Best: Being young and not having to worry about earning money.
Worst: Since we don’t earn we don’t have money.

4. Yukta
Best: You are youthful and spontaneous when you are a teen
Worst: It’s also the dramatic age with lots of things happening around you

5. Gaurav
Best: No one takes you seriously, so you can make many mistakes and get forgiven for being just a teenager.
Worst: The same thing backfires you sometimes.

6. Liza
Best: We’re energetic all the time.
Worst: People don’t take you seriously.

7. Ashreeya
Best: Throwing tantrums at your house. Your parents will consider it at times as they know you are at a rebellious age.
Worst: You easily get influenced by your peers and tend to indulge yourselves in intoxicants.

8. Priyasha
Best: You are free like a bird
Worst: Family pressure

9. Nimisha
Best: Freedom
Worst: Responsibilities

10. Mannat
Best: You are young
Worst: Pimples

11. Anshu
Best: You can be stupid and as mischievous as you want. You can always give the excuse that you are a teenager.
Worst: No one understands you.


12. Prerna
Best: Friends and fun
Worst: Frustration

13. Eliza
Best: Lots of fun time with friends
Worst: controlled by the family


14. Barsha
Best: Lots of confidence grows in this age
Worst: tempted to involve in bad activities


15. Rajendra
Best: Lots of time to enjoy
Worst: Adults always bully you