November 11 2013
Q. Dear Teenz, I love a girl but i don't know how to propose her so give me some idea so that i can pro
she works in media and she is beautiful and loving girl.
- Asked by Anu, Boy, 19

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December 09 2013
A. Well, it is true that you should try to see if she is interested in you too. If she doesn't even know your name, then it might not be such a good idea.Do it respectably and don't overdo it. Be acquaintances first, and see the hints if she likes you. Don't try to creep her out.
- answered by pizzagirl, Girl, 18
November 19 2013
A. Dude, first make sure, if really the things work out well between the girl you are trying to propose and you. Relationship doesn't simply work like, you like a girl, propose her and get her. But she also needs to like you. You should find out if she is also interested in you or not. Second phase is to approach her. Be decent in this phase. Try to understand her likes and what fascinates her. Don't act pompous and don't boast yourself too much. Behave like you are not just an "awara keta", girls like guys who have vision and good planning of ahead, but of course it depends upon the nature of the girl. While proposing show interest in her, say that you like her to no end, but don't act like it will be the end of your if the answer is going to be "no". And last but not the least, if you are rejected don't act like a crazy. Be normal, embrace that there might be something in you to improve, thank her for reminding you to focus on yourself more than anything else at the moment. Never diss her. If she still wanna talk to you, fine, speak to her. Otherwise let her live her life and you live your life. But me more mature and genius. And have faith that your 'princess charming' is yet to come. Translate that pain of being let down into creativity and self improvement.
- answered by Harke Hawaldar, Boy, 25
November 13 2013
A. if you know her you should talk to her more often and hang out a lot. if not than you should start talking to her. take your time and chill. if you feel the connection between you both and she shows interest in you. than you should think of proposing. and you have mentioned she is beautiful, actually that word suggests you are attracted physically to her. so take some time and see if you still want her wholeheartedly. if so, look for a right time and tell her your feelings. good luck.
- answered by bigkey, Boy, 24

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