October 24 2013
Q. dear teenz, i love some one,in my skool named sazun n i think he likes me butdont love me now i am going to propose him how is that right thing to propose ashwini
- Asked by ashwini karki, Girl, 14

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November 13 2013
A. you are just 14, please focus your mind on something else. this things are not for this age. you should enjoy more of life than worrying about love and stuffs like that. you can keep in touch with your crush and see if he is still the one you want after the years passed. but for now focus on your grades and your aim in life. once you get on the right track of life everything beautiful will start to happen. so, chill for now.. enjoy friendship and have fun. so for now you should stop that thought of proposing and try to be friend with him.
- answered by bigkey, Boy, 24

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