October 23 2013
Q. Dear teenz ! In my life first time someone had proposed me and I first time fell in love with someone. Everybody of his best friends said to me that he flirts with everyone. And at last he ended this relationship due to his parents knew about me. His friend told me that he loves me alot. If he loves then why did he behave with me so rude and send the messeges through his friends ? Does he really love me or is he flirting ?
- Asked by Aditi, Girl, 15

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April 14 2014
A. First thing to remember whoever breaks up with you giving reason such as my parents know about our relationship crap is lying.this is the bitter truth your friends were right.he never really cared about you.he sent his breakup message through his FRIENDS god sake he never liked you.sorry it's rude but it's the can't think anything good about the guy who can't face you and break up with you.someone better will come Hun just wait and meanwhile forget about that A**
- answered by Ayesa, Girl, 17
December 09 2013
A. Hi aditi, i think the guy is just flirting. The truth is that a guy who values you won't give you mixed signals and he definitely wouldn't go around flirting with other girls.The best advice would be to move on, and not get stuck in this tiring cycle. Unless he explains somehow, he is not worth the time. 15 year old guys would usually not be very mature or know the meaning of love.
- answered by anonymous, Girl, 18
November 13 2013
A. Hi Aditi, this may be little rude, but i think you should have a final talk with him.cuz discussion can sort this kind of problem. It would be better if you can persuade him to talk to his parents..
- answered by Beowulf Sam, Boy, 18
November 13 2013
A. myself being a guy, let me tell you something. if your man is not brave enough to discuss problems with you than it's better that you broke up. it will hurt at first but everything will be alright. you're 15 go on and live your life. chill and focus on studies and your aim for now. there are so many beautiful things that will happen later. good luck.
- answered by bigkey, Boy, 24
November 08 2013
A. dear aditi i guess that the boy u hav loved was not flirting u u i think for some problems he had been leaving u i most tell that the frens of ur bf was telling the truth .
- answered by ashwini karki, Girl, 15

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