September 22 2013
Q. Dear Teenz, Umm.... This may be a little funny question, but when I saw that TEENZ has the solution for every question, I came to ask such a silly question. Everyone in my school call me \'chasmiss\'. So, how should I react, smile or be angry? And should I complain to the teachers or should I tease them back? Surabhi, 13 years
My question is not so personal. Still, some advice.
- Asked by Surabhi, Girl, 13

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April 14 2014
A. Just SMILE and chasmiss isn't much of a big deal
- answered by anonymous, Girl, 17
September 23 2013
A. Hi Surabhi. Your problem was once mine too. But you see if we are determined to be unaffected by people's comment, then these comments are just bygones. And you can always take pride in your heart that you are superior than them who tease you. At least you have made yourself beautiful by heart. So cheer up and let this guys do thier job. One day they will surely stop making fun of you and realise how calm minded you were and start seeking your company.
- answered by Beowulf sam, Boy, 18

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