September 22 2013
Q. Dear Teenz, Umm.... This may be a little funny question, but when I saw that TEENZ has the solution for every question, I came to ask such a silly question. Everyone in my school call me \'chasmiss\'. So, how should I react, smile or be angry? And should I complain to the teachers or should I tease them back? Surabhi, 13 years
- Asked by Surabhi, Girl, 13

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November 13 2013
A. actually chasmis is really cute. so, it's no problem . you can give them the sweetest smile and move on.
- answered by bigkey, Boy, 24
September 26 2013
A. May be there are a lot CHASMIS in this world ,So you don't have feel ashamed of yourself. For those stupid teaser you should Give them A big Smile and laugh at them . But it may also be possible that they want interact with u soo they just teasing u I mean in nepali jiskinu k
- answered by anonymous, Girl, 16

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