August 28 2013
Q. hey guys i want to know how hard mbbs is ? -_-
- Asked by anonymous, Boy, 16

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September 03 2013
A. I too was much intrigued in the same way as you are now. I also felt maybe the way I am I shall never be able to succeed in it, i used to feel mbbs is all about toppers and extraordinary students while i was just a passout haha. We all know mbbs is all hardship and lots and lots of productive hours of study, but remember my friend the best part it life never comes free it comes with pros and cons, torture and pain and tha'ts wat mbbs is actually about, A Story Of U And Me and Our Medical Hardships. Now if you ark me whether it's hard then I would say it is. But this is not how it goes. U'll certainly experience days when you'd say to yourself 'kun din ma padhna ayechhu', I know you will, esp during xams they'll beat tour ass off but xams are just a small part of the story you know, mbbs has a lot to offer. You'll soon realize it's better to know about your body, your diseases, the drugs and all than the other non medical feel as you name them. So in the end I just want to mention that you should know what career you want to hold onto before you pop into mbbs, sooner or later you'll love it man and then you'll sag maybe mbbs wasn't that hard either. Good luck
- answered by Sadixa, Girl, 20

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