November 10 2013
Q. hey teenz!! uhh i\'ve got a question that, living in a middle class family doesn\'t mean that i can\'t dream right!! but as my dream is to become a fashion designer it just turns to become a burden on my parents... do u think i should leave my dreams for the sake of my parents...
- Asked by nima, Girl, 18

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March 18 2014
A. Hey there! I think there is no limitation and class for dreaming and if you want to become a fashion designer then you certainly ca. well, I don't think you have to stop focusing on your dream just because your parents deny the fact that you want to be fashion designer. Trust me, if you have will there's a way so never stop dreaming and making efforts make your dream come true.
- answered by Shreya, Girl, 13
November 20 2013
A. if u listen 2 me, life is urs by the way, no 1 hav right to interfare in ur life. not even ur parent. and of course u r a girl u wont hav to look after ur parents in future so u r free 2 take decision of ur lyf. a small suggestion if u hav done 2 then lie 2 ur parents and join IEC for BSc in fashion design or also NAMUNA clz in basbari for BFT instead of the subject ur parents hav choosen 4 u. aakhir dherai mahango coursse pani ta hoina. kei farak pardaina ramro kura ko lagi jhut bolda.
- answered by anonymous, Boy, 19
November 13 2013
A. Hey Nima, Do you think this is the dream you really see with your eyes open? If it is, then it would be wrong to leave it for the sake of your parents. Rather you can console your parents about your dream and also do some research from today and search for easy ways to achieve your dream. I am from a one step down than middle class family but however my dad manages to send me money India for my studies and it all happened when i stood clung to my dreams and consoled my parents about my dreams. I also did a lot of research on colleges for my dream to be a tour operator and now i am already in the way to grasp the dream..So go for it before your parentssearch for an absurd option for you. Tell them whats going on your mind and listen to what they say. Because where there is will, there is a way, always remember.....
- answered by Beowulf Sam, Boy, 18
November 13 2013
A. first of all put this middle class thing aside, and if you ever feel like leaving your dream, i think it is not your dream it is more of a fantasy. so if you think that fashion designing is really your dream than you should not leave it at any cost. this is merely a obstacle you're failing the fight with. how can you tell me that after becoming a successful (let's say no.01) fashion designer of the world, you will not face obstacle??? so fight for what you have dreamt of otherwise you will live your whole life in regret. good luck.
- answered by bigkey, Boy, 24

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