September 20 2015
Q. i am in my late teen, i want to be part of writing and i am very much interested in writing stories and poems. where can i publish my article?
- Asked by snowfall, Girl, 18

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April 04 2016
A. I think that you need to work on your English first and then think about publishing your writings :)
- answered by Ashlesha, Girl, 14
February 10 2016
A. If you have medical stories or related poems, Medchrome magazine allows publication for all general people. I had published my story in it.
- answered by Rose, Boy, 24
January 11 2016
A. you can either create your own website or use other social media's. or even suggest a newspaper.
- answered by helper, Girl, 16
November 29 2015
A. I don't mean to discourage you but you could probably improve your english before looking to be published.
- answered by Simran, Girl, 16

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