April 08 2015
Q. I cannot concentrate on my studies. I am an 8th grader and I recently finished DLE. And seems like I bombed science paper,I am really disappointed in myself. My parents were disappointed too. Why cannot I concentrate? Is it a teen thing or do I really have a thick brain?
- Asked by anonymous, Girl, 14

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June 05 2015
A. Well I was right where you are now . I did had that lack of concentration thing and didn't want to study . I used to stick with my laptop and i-pod . All you need to do is close your books for a while , go to the quiet place around nature and let good number of O2 (oxygen) get into your brain and think what do you really want from your life . Think positively to your future and try to find out the consequences where you will be if you study and where if you don't .
- answered by Suweksha, Girl, 17

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