September 22 2013
Q. I think i have crush on this younger guy (1 yr)..but m not sure..we have interacted once on chat..but that\'s it..n m not really the type of person who initiates the convo first..what do i do?
like i cant even stand on my feet properly when i see him..n cant even talk properly ..its been a few months
- Asked by anonymous, Girl, 17

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September 26 2013
A. If he's 16, and you're 17, the age difference doesn't matter. However, he might be more immature than guys in your class. If you don't want to initiate a conversation with an open-ended statement that leaves you vulnerable, try approaching him with specific question. Maybe he plays for the school team and you're asking how the last match went? It provides an excuse to talk to him without you having to put yourself out there too much.
- answered by anonymous, Girl, 18

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