February 21 2013
Q. is there a vacancy in your editorial team? u guys seem pretty biased when it comes to picking writers. majority of in house writers are fe-males.
- Asked by anonymous, Boy, 20
February 20 2013
Q. I am a 16 years old boy and I am interested in modeling but i don\'t know what is the first step to start modeling.I hope you can help me!
- Asked by anonymous, Boy, 16
February 20 2013
Q. I was just thinking why do we start making boyfriends and girlfriend? Is it to look cool in front of your friends? I s it because you need more love beside your parents? Is it to gain some sexual pleasure? or Is it that we fear the future and seek someone to hold onto? Just wondering...give me your views please. :)
- Asked by anonymous, Boy, 18
February 14 2013
Q. i am feeling so bad the person to who i had loved just remove me from fb.this feeling really suck..wat m gonna do???i just wanted to be his friend but he turned out to be such a bad guy??why did he remove me to not to see his post anymore???...this feeling is killing me :(
- Asked by love sucks, Girl, 20
February 12 2013
Q. M havin troubl wid my luv lyf.. Idk wat 2 do.. I broke up wid my gf 3 months ago..we again came close afta 1 month n we startd talkin much..aftr a month i found out dat c had a new bf bt aftr dat c tried to convence me dat c wants me again n c dont hav any feeling for her new bf..c said dat c hav regretd it ol.n c hav broke up wid dat guy..c wants to patch up wid me idk wat 2 do.i stil want n need her bt sumtyms i feel lyk c doesnt want me the way i want her..m realy getin confus of dis
plz help me out guys.. :(
- Asked by confused_ghost, Boy, 18
February 10 2013
Q. Hey teenz.!! m\' a girl of class 10 and my S.L.C i coming nearer..i know i should study but i don\'t know why i feel lazy all the time..everytime something distracts me.i don\'t know what to do.. please help me out
please teenz help me out :(
- Asked by anonymous, Girl, 15
February 08 2013
Q. does it means he still cares for u or curious if he has not remove u from facebook friends lists after break up???
- Asked by confuss, Girl, 18
February 05 2013
Q. This guy is also one of my friend and my boyfriend's best friend and now he is trying to make me a lier and what am i supposed to do with this guy and i don't know what this guy want :( i am in a big trouble and now I am not able to prove myself right :(
I don't know what to do !
- Asked by anonymous, Girl, 19
February 05 2013
Q. Hey !! I am a girl of age 19 and there is a boy with whom I took 500 rs and now he is saying that I took His 5 thousand rs to my boyfriend due to which we are facing alot of trouble and I don\'t know why this guy is doing all this with what am i supposed do ?? And now my boyfriend does not trust :(
This guy is my boyfriend's bestfriend ! And they study together and now that guy has been telling lies to all my friends and not able to prove that I am right because my boyfriend does not trust me ...
- Asked by anonymous, Girl, 19
February 04 2013
Q. i loved 1grl v.mch.n c lovs me too.though we r in a realtn nwadayz c dn thnk of me.c dn giv me time.nw wat 2 do?may i leav her or do nothn?
- Asked by anonymous, Boy, 19

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