January 17 2015
Q. What to do after slc?
lots of oppotunity r there after slc to choose one field. if we start to aask various people what to choose, it will just create,guys just be sincere towards ur life and choose the field from which ur dreams can be true.
- Asked by rakshya, Girl, 16
December 25 2014
Q. Could a person intern in the magazine for even a short span of 1 month inorder to learn and experience everything a youth magazine has to offer?
- Asked by anonymous, Girl, 17
December 05 2014
Q. Can height of 5'1 -5'2 be model
- Asked by anonymous, Girl, 16
September 05 2014
Q. Can I publish my article related to youths in Teenz?
I want to write the connection between youths generation and virtual world. And I want to share lots of opportunities sites which of course is hidden from lots of youth.
- Asked by anonymous, Boy, 25
September 04 2014
Q. Can the readers submit their articles for Teenz ?
- Asked by anonymous, Girl, 16
August 16 2014
Q. When will Youtubers be highlighted by media? They need support and encouragement.
- Asked by Anuj, Boy, 19
July 21 2014
Q. I have lots of cool ideas and DIYs and I want to share it in this magazine. How can I submit my idea
I mean, here in this magazine, these DIYs ARE nice but I think I have something that people will like and will make them.
- Asked by Syeyon K., Girl, 13
July 13 2014
Q. I wish i had a life. the last break up left me into pieces.
- Asked by anonymous, Boy, 18
May 31 2014
Q. how to purpose a girl who iz very close fren of mine
she and i are frenzs from class tymes so can anyone help meh????
- Asked by unknown, Boy, 16
May 28 2014
Q. Hello creative magazine i am a girl and i like this magazine ,i am working 20 yrs girl i work in media.Talking about me i always wanted to write something for teenz so where i saw latest questions which poked me that i also fall in same list so please suggest me what should i do?? m energetic and m always hungry of doing work in such feild.I hope for your suggestions. Zyana k.c
- Asked by zyana kc, Girl, 20

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