September 04 2014
Q. Can the readers submit their articles for Teenz ?
- Asked by anonymous, Girl, 16
August 16 2014
Q. When will Youtubers be highlighted by media? They need support and encouragement.
- Asked by Anuj, Boy, 19
July 21 2014
Q. I have lots of cool ideas and DIYs and I want to share it in this magazine. How can I submit my idea
I mean, here in this magazine, these DIYs ARE nice but I think I have something that people will like and will make them.
- Asked by Syeyon K., Girl, 13
July 13 2014
Q. I wish i had a life. the last break up left me into pieces.
- Asked by anonymous, Boy, 18
May 31 2014
Q. how to purpose a girl who iz very close fren of mine
she and i are frenzs from class tymes so can anyone help meh????
- Asked by unknown, Boy, 16
May 28 2014
Q. Hello creative magazine i am a girl and i like this magazine ,i am working 20 yrs girl i work in media.Talking about me i always wanted to write something for teenz so where i saw latest questions which poked me that i also fall in same list so please suggest me what should i do?? m energetic and m always hungry of doing work in such feild.I hope for your suggestions. Zyana k.c
- Asked by zyana kc, Girl, 20
May 23 2014
Q. Can i write some kind of articles for teenz?
- Asked by cani?, Girl, 17
May 21 2014
Q. I like a girl living in a girls hostel near by my house. But this is my first time liking someone. I don\'t know how to get close to her...even how to talk to her. What should i do?
- Asked by anonymous, Boy, 21
May 19 2014
Q. Hello, I am a 16 year old and I love to write.
Is there any way your magazine, Teenz, could publish some of my work? I do own a blog but something about having them published in a magazine is so much more appealing and I think it would be a great way to kick start this hobby of mine. Looking forward to a positive response.
- Asked by anonymous, Girl, 16
May 19 2014
Q. Can your magazine take a cover story of utsav thapaliya a 19 years director of neepal. his movie best friend forever is coming to market
Film and cover story of youngest director
- Asked by Simrika aryal, Boy, 22

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