May 23 2014
Q. Can i write some kind of articles for teenz?
- Asked by cani?, Girl, 17
May 21 2014
Q. I like a girl living in a girls hostel near by my house. But this is my first time liking someone. I don\'t know how to get close to her...even how to talk to her. What should i do?
- Asked by anonymous, Boy, 21
May 19 2014
Q. Hello, I am a 16 year old and I love to write.
Is there any way your magazine, Teenz, could publish some of my work? I do own a blog but something about having them published in a magazine is so much more appealing and I think it would be a great way to kick start this hobby of mine. Looking forward to a positive response.
- Asked by anonymous, Girl, 16
May 19 2014
Q. Can your magazine take a cover story of utsav thapaliya a 19 years director of neepal. his movie best friend forever is coming to market
Film and cover story of youngest director
- Asked by Simrika aryal, Boy, 22
May 09 2014
Q. Hlw, i am medical student , is it true that study and love don\'t go side by side?? I too fear i can\'t keep focus in study during relationship??
- Asked by Fren, Boy, 20
April 06 2014
Q. I\'m recently finishing my ninth grade and my result was quite good.i\'m in love with my neighbour with one house difference... I know he loves me too.we haven\'t talked to each other.i become very weak after I see him..can you please understand by problem and help me tp talk to him???
- Asked by Rose, Girl, 15
April 05 2014
Q. I just completed my 12 grade and i\'m also done with my exams. Since I have plenty of free time i wish to work as as intern (maybe) in this magazine. So, do you take interns ? If yes then can i know the requirements ? Please :)
- Asked by teendesperateforsomework, Girl, 17
March 27 2014
Q. can we do photoshoot in this magazine for the cover?
we want to do a cover for this magazine's cover for next month can we?
- Asked by Pretty Spin, Girl, 13
March 27 2014
Q. dear teenz, i\'m closest friends are have been dating the same guys for 2 years and they are totally in love.they tell me about it all the time. i have never had a serious relationship. i recently broke up with a guy after he started complaining i didnt give enough time to him.we dated for a month. i\'m not sure if i want to fall in love,sometimes it feels like it would be nice to have somebody but i have never felt crazy in friends say i should give time and keep a relationship b
ps how do i know who is the right guy? because i have waited for 'the one' to arrive but every guy seems right and wrong at the same time. nobody is perfect,
- Asked by confused, Girl, 17
March 24 2014
Q. Just hoping for some honest critiques from anyone on this:) \"Sense\" Even still he doubts Knowing nothing lasts forever, not even his faults And willingly he believed those words For momentarily it appeased his thoughts Still the battles against himself, he fought With just words, a barricade of lies he\'s put up Just trying to make any good sense But frail his mind was, under the veil of indifference And then he was bothered by nothing, yet he feared For nothing lasts forever, don\'t
- Asked by mehr.nipun, Boy, 19

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