March 23 2014
Q. Hi teenz!! M 18 I m to ask 4 suggestions 4rm u guys ... umm let me start 4rm here .. wen I was in class 8 I liked a boy one year senior than me ... later liking started turning to love .. I proposed him I know it was my stupidity bt I did it... n the answer I got was jst a laughter .... then I decided to move on bt it was too hard as my whole scool mates n senior brothers used to tease me wid name of dat boy ... umm then after 1 year oh my god 1 year he proposed me the same guy .... I was
- Asked by savy, Girl, 18
March 19 2014
Q. Hi,I am 17 years old girl,I wanna hav a photoshoot for your magazine what should I do give me some information about your magazine in terms of photos..
I wanna know about the detail of photoshoot for this magazine
- Asked by samikshya, Girl, 17
March 18 2014
Q. Dear Teenz, I am a 9th grader with simple tastes ( i guess)and I love what every other girl loves. Nowadays, I\'m OBSESSED with one of the daily soap operas on T.V named \"beintehaa\" and I find difficulty in letting this obsession go. Earlier, I used to be hooked on facebook but after I deleted my account it seems that \"beintehaa\" is all I want to watch. Whenever, I miss an episode i feel like my world is going to crumble down ,I just can\'t help but watch it and Final te
- Asked by Shreya, Girl, 13
March 09 2014
Q. Hey Teenz ! I m a normal gul of class 8
- Asked by Emo , Girl, 14
March 09 2014
Q. Hey Teenz ! I m a normal gul of class 8
- Asked by Emo, Girl, 14
February 22 2014
Q. Hi Teenz, I am a normal girl who studies in 9th grade with some dreams as others. Just some months ago, I didn\'t knew what I wanted in my life but today as I know there are so manythings between me and my dreams. For example I am not confident, I am poor in my studies, etc. Please help me. Give me some tips on how to improve my studies.
- Asked by Aisha, Girl, 14
February 15 2014
Q. i wanna be a model how can i start it? can teenz help me? can i be on teenz cover?
- Asked by Bidusi, Girl, 15
February 09 2014
Q. Hey! I have compleated my school and now i am planning to join teenz for internship so what should i do to get more information about you guys?
I just wanna do something interesting and productive, i think by joining teenz i will get many opportunities to learn grow as a person.
- Asked by Tisa, Girl, 20
January 31 2014
Q. hello teenz, I am a 17 years old guy.i have a very beautiful and caring girlfriend but infront of her friends she acts as if she\'s only my friend nothing more.Is she ashamed that i\'m her boyfriend? What should i do?
- Asked by anonymous, Boy, 17
January 29 2014
Q. Well i wanna start my career as model but i\'m Nt like 36 24 36 types. i\'m little Curvy . should i try loosing weight or i can continue like this. Erza
- Asked by Erza, Girl, 17

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