March 10 2011
Q. Why Teenz Magazine have same boring cover Pose all the time ???
- Asked by Larkin Donely, Boy, 21
March 08 2011
Q. Can we ask sex related question?
- Asked by anonymous, Boy, 15
March 07 2011
Q. once i came to know about this magazine through ACE fest and i am keen to read it as well, but the problem is i am not geeting it available near by my college
- Asked by Saihah, Girl, 22
March 04 2011
Q. Why Teenz and Living is kind of same? Isn't it boring?
- Asked by anonymous, Girl, 17
February 28 2011
Q. Why do girls whine so much?
Because they're always whining.
- Asked by Cat, Boy, 23
February 17 2011
Q. where do we send the articles ?. i mean i couldnt find an email address on this website.
- Asked by dinky, Girl, 16
February 16 2011
Q. Please suggest what can I do?
I have to travel in public vehicles daily. But I often get troubled by the people, mostly the male. They take advantage of the crowd and try to harass sexually. Many girls including me cannot protest instantly though they get red with anger and fear. Please advise how to get rid of this and fight back instantly.
- Asked by puja, Girl, 21
February 07 2011
Q. How do I get lucky??
I really want some action! Plz advise!
- Asked by Hari Lal, Boy, 15
February 07 2011
Q. Why all Girls pretend to be Different?
- Asked by Tintin Shrestha, Boy, 21
February 06 2011
Q. How can i get her back in my Life?
We were very good friends before, but do to some misunderstanding we stopped talking to each other. I avoided her on every occasion but i missed her each time. I want to reconnect with her, but every time my ego stops me. Please suggest me.
- Asked by Pabitra, Girl, 18

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