November 11 2013
Q. how to propose her whom i love.i love her so much.
love her so much
- Asked by naresh, Boy, 19
November 11 2013
Q. Dear Teenz, I love a girl but i don't know how to propose her so give me some idea so that i can pro
she works in media and she is beautiful and loving girl.
- Asked by Anu, Boy, 19
November 10 2013
Q. hey teenz!! uhh i\'ve got a question that, living in a middle class family doesn\'t mean that i can\'t dream right!! but as my dream is to become a fashion designer it just turns to become a burden on my parents... do u think i should leave my dreams for the sake of my parents...
- Asked by nima, Girl, 18
October 26 2013
Q. der teenZ, MY QUES GOES LIK THIS HMM I HAVE CRush on one boy bcaz he is too good after girls but my friend also love n she talks of him what is your suggesion...............
- Asked by pratima, Girl, 15
October 24 2013
Q. dear teenz, i love some one,in my skool named sazun n i think he likes me butdont love me now i am going to propose him how is that right thing to propose ashwini
- Asked by ashwini karki, Girl, 14
October 23 2013
Q. Dear teenz ! In my life first time someone had proposed me and I first time fell in love with someone. Everybody of his best friends said to me that he flirts with everyone. And at last he ended this relationship due to his parents knew about me. His friend told me that he loves me alot. If he loves then why did he behave with me so rude and send the messeges through his friends ? Does he really love me or is he flirting ?
- Asked by Aditi, Girl, 15
October 22 2013
Q. dear teenz, my question is i love someone but he loves another girl named joshna, n i love him bcaz he is my child hood best fren n my boyfreind too now i want to patch things with him what can i do ashwini karki
- Asked by ashwini karki, Girl, 14
October 21 2013
Q. Do TEENZ have a tattooed model?
- Asked by Bisant, Boy, 19
September 25 2013
Q. how to apply to be a model 4r this magazine????...i am intrested..
- Asked by anonymous, Girl, 16
September 22 2013
Q. Dear Teenz, Umm.... This may be a little funny question, but when I saw that TEENZ has the solution for every question, I came to ask such a silly question. Everyone in my school call me \'chasmiss\'. So, how should I react, smile or be angry? And should I complain to the teachers or should I tease them back? Surabhi, 13 years
- Asked by Surabhi, Girl, 13

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