June 30 2013
Q. I gotta bf.. we both are in the same collg..He loves me alot.. So do I.. But there\'s a gal.. who keeps on staring at him 24*7..She is interestd in him.. inspite of knowing abt us.. I guess..even he looks at her.. M not sure of it.. I hvn\'t yet..confrontd him wd this.. wheneva I try to ask indirectly.. he gts pissed...saying.. he has got no bad intentions.. What shall i do???
- Asked by anonymous, Girl, 19
June 22 2013
Q. My Dearie Teenz ; I am very much interested in News anchoring or you can say anchoring !!! I am on my holidays , so I thought I should give it a try :) But the problem is I do not know where to go?? Whom to ask ? Who can help in this???I want to utilize this holidays trying new things or you can say I want to explore myself to new limits !!! Right now , you are only the one who can show me the way !!! Eagerly waiting for your response / your love :)
I am doing nothing and enjoying holidays by giving 12 board exams !!!! I love talking so I thought I should give it try for my passion ;)
- Asked by anonymous, Girl, 17
June 19 2013
Q. I just want to work as intern for journlism ,would teenz provide me the that i could learn more....
- Asked by anonymous, Boy, 22
June 15 2013
Q. Teenz, Nobody was ever able to make me so serious as a guy did. See it was so much ok when we were not in love. The guy is frm 12 and i m 11. From the new year we were in relation. He use to smoke. He loved me but since we had a one week gap he pretends that he has not seen me and i can never find him online i have not find him with any new girl. So why is he hurting me. Does he loves me any more? Is smoking the reason.
- Asked by shriya moktan, Girl, 16
May 29 2013
Q. where do we get to post the room photos! ? that decorative competition or something like that! my sis getting her A** off? asking me to find out! HELL NO!!!! i cannot! this is sick! >.
- Asked by anonymous, Boy, 21
May 22 2013
Q. My dearest Teenz, I am having a serious problem in choosing my career. Till I remember it always my childhood dream to become an architect. I always wanted to experience the sense of delight after concepts on paper transform into real buildings. But recently I came to know that architecture is really hard to study and getting a job is a tough. At the same time they are not paid well. So now I am getting confused about choosing architecture as my career. I am really interested in it but what if s
- Asked by offtrack dreamer, Girl, 17
May 12 2013
Q. Dear teenz, humm so i took the suggestion given by someone. im really greatful to u guys but now the problem. i told him on facebook that i like him. and all i got was \'seen:7:49\' he didn\'t reply anything. annoying..... WHAT NOW??? its soooo embarrassing ughhh!! HELP ME PLEASE
- Asked by yunice, Girl, 15
May 10 2013
Q. dear teenz it\'s me suzata i have been loved by two guys who are best friends i cannot ignore both of them i also love two of them but i cannot understand there character plz give me an idea what tooooooo do sujuata
- Asked by suzata, Girl, 15
May 09 2013
Q. Dear Teenz, Help me with my 2 not so big problems.
Problem 1: I love writing stories. I've written many already. But I don't know whether they're good or not. I can't ask my mom because she my mom; she will always say that they're good. [Please don't tell me to ask my friends!] I want to publish them in newspapers and magazines but I'm not sure if they're good or not. Problem 2: I am really, really self-conscious. I'm so self-conscious that I even stopped playing basketball because I think people will make fun of me behind my back about the expressions I make while playing. Because of this, I've developed insecurity and low-self-confidence. Help me, TEENZ, to get rid of all this!
- Asked by HopelessAnonymous, Girl, 13
April 24 2013
Q. Dear teenz, so..ya same.. i have a crush on this guy 2 years elder than me.. i really like him and 90% he does too but the thing is that he is just tooooooooooo shy. i have his number too but he does not. i got his no from a phone directory. i only speak to him through facebook. and now its a perfect time for me to confess but im just too scared plsss help me out tell me how and what should i tell him..
- Asked by yunice, Girl, 15

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