June 19 2013
Q. I just want to work as intern for journlism ,would teenz provide me the that i could learn more....
- Asked by anonymous, Boy, 22
June 15 2013
Q. Teenz, Nobody was ever able to make me so serious as a guy did. See it was so much ok when we were not in love. The guy is frm 12 and i m 11. From the new year we were in relation. He use to smoke. He loved me but since we had a one week gap he pretends that he has not seen me and i can never find him online i have not find him with any new girl. So why is he hurting me. Does he loves me any more? Is smoking the reason.
- Asked by shriya moktan, Girl, 16
May 29 2013
Q. where do we get to post the room photos! ? that decorative competition or something like that! my sis getting her A** off? asking me to find out! HELL NO!!!! i cannot! this is sick! >.
- Asked by anonymous, Boy, 21
May 22 2013
Q. My dearest Teenz, I am having a serious problem in choosing my career. Till I remember it always my childhood dream to become an architect. I always wanted to experience the sense of delight after concepts on paper transform into real buildings. But recently I came to know that architecture is really hard to study and getting a job is a tough. At the same time they are not paid well. So now I am getting confused about choosing architecture as my career. I am really interested in it but what if s
- Asked by offtrack dreamer, Girl, 17
May 12 2013
Q. Dear teenz, humm so i took the suggestion given by someone. im really greatful to u guys but now the problem. i told him on facebook that i like him. and all i got was \'seen:7:49\' he didn\'t reply anything. annoying..... WHAT NOW??? its soooo embarrassing ughhh!! HELP ME PLEASE
- Asked by yunice, Girl, 15
May 10 2013
Q. dear teenz it\'s me suzata i have been loved by two guys who are best friends i cannot ignore both of them i also love two of them but i cannot understand there character plz give me an idea what tooooooo do sujuata
- Asked by suzata, Girl, 15
May 09 2013
Q. Dear Teenz, Help me with my 2 not so big problems.
Problem 1: I love writing stories. I've written many already. But I don't know whether they're good or not. I can't ask my mom because she my mom; she will always say that they're good. [Please don't tell me to ask my friends!] I want to publish them in newspapers and magazines but I'm not sure if they're good or not. Problem 2: I am really, really self-conscious. I'm so self-conscious that I even stopped playing basketball because I think people will make fun of me behind my back about the expressions I make while playing. Because of this, I've developed insecurity and low-self-confidence. Help me, TEENZ, to get rid of all this!
- Asked by HopelessAnonymous, Girl, 13
April 24 2013
Q. Dear teenz, so..ya same.. i have a crush on this guy 2 years elder than me.. i really like him and 90% he does too but the thing is that he is just tooooooooooo shy. i have his number too but he does not. i got his no from a phone directory. i only speak to him through facebook. and now its a perfect time for me to confess but im just too scared plsss help me out tell me how and what should i tell him..
- Asked by yunice, Girl, 15
April 22 2013
Q. dear teens pleasssse help>>> so there is this boy that i really like in my church but he\'s introverted and doesn\'t talk much. he know\'s that i like him but i know he will never confront me about it, because he is so shy. BOYSSSSS!!!!!!! PLEASE tell me what should i do??? he does make alot of eye contact...i wanted to confront him but i dont wanna seem desperate...GUYS please give me tips.
- Asked by anonymous, Girl, 20
April 17 2013
Q. Dear teenz I have met this guy on facebook !!He was really very sweet and fun..SO I ask him out and met him couple of months ago!He seemed really concerned about like how i am getting to his place..So he picked me up and took me to cafe! He ordered and rest of the hours we smiled at eachother and shared only eyecontacts...We hardly communicate !He drove me to home safely and again we said bye with a smiles ! Later he texted me saying it wasnt fun enough but he really had a good time !He was
We live in different cities >. we kind of chat and inbox eachother.. we share same interests...he is very shy.. maybe it was aakward cause it was 1st time we met !and if i comment on his pictures he likes back my comments !!!how can I be sure that he is also interested in me? what i can do further to save that friendship as well????? advice me asap.. PLEASE.......
- Asked by isha, Girl, 17

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