April 03 2015
Q. There's this guy in my school that I really like. He doesn't talk to girls but he's always very friendly to me. He's nice and charming to me but lately every time I come online, he makes an excuse and runs off! And he doesn't show up till AFTER I leave the chat room. IS he just being polite? I'm too scared to confront him(and well frankly, embarrassed). What should I do? -Luna
- Asked by Luna, Girl, 17

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September 06 2016
A. he probably shy of u
- answered by anonymous, Boy, 15
April 19 2016
A. you just hab to confront to him.. and every thing will be easy
- answered by bigcash, Boy, 18
May 08 2015
A. Maybe you aren't the perfect girl he always wanted. Nobody is perfect but everyone has a specific kind of partner he or she wants. Just talk your heart out to him and ask what the problem is.
- answered by Lisara, Girl, 14

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