January 17 2015
Q. What to do after slc?
lots of oppotunity r there after slc to choose one field. if we start to aask various people what to choose, it will just create,guys just be sincere towards ur life and choose the field from which ur dreams can be true.
- Asked by rakshya, Girl, 16

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April 11 2017
A. what is your interest and derms?all fields are better and you have chosen one field.I wise make model,But I am studying class 11. when I will pass B.A /I start modelling 23 years.
- answered by kailash khadka, Boy, 17
March 28 2015
A. First of all, you gotta find your subject of Interest
- answered by anonymous, Boy, 23
February 10 2015
A. Do not, I repeat DO NOT listen to other people. Suggestion, sure but never do what you don't wanna do. It doesn't just click as they say. You'll have to explore and understand yourself. And don't worry if you feel like you'll make the wrong choice because there's always after 2
- answered by Riya_stha, Girl, 18
January 28 2015
A. Go for SAT classes if you are interested in going for college abroad. or you can learn language or learn to play a sport.
- answered by anonymous, Girl, 19

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